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Pocket Parties is in no way affiliated with any of the companies listed inside the app and/or the in-app purchase. The items listed are in the app to

support consultants and make the app more beneficial. Only names and prices are listed/included inside the app. Images and Descriptions are copyrighted by the companies themselves. Any questions please contact us.


Known Issues or Bugs:



Things to add, delete, or modify:

• On the Client Section, Instead of seeing notes about the client, Can their contact info be displayed there instead?

• Add a Favorites button for my items in my inventory, and allow me to filter just those items.

• Allow me to email a “closed or completed” order

• Give me the ability to tax the shipping costs too

• For the “Events” location, give me the option to choose current location

• Events section allow me to pick my host and pick the invitees from my client list

• I want to be able to add the Clients Birthday

• When you hit complete on order- there needs to be cancel to go back to order, or email, or not

• Automatically put the first "Event" as Re-order.

• Let me change the Member Date

• Give me the ability to set my “inactive” clients time frame

• How can I view the items that I have orders for but don't have inventory. I need to know what I need to order.



• Can I upload my own inventory?

• Can I export my Inventory or upload it somewhere?

• Can I key in my Client List in an excel sheet and upload it?

• Can I export my Client List?

• Can I import my Clients into the app from my phone?

• iCLOUD Sync so I can use it with my iPad!

• Would like to user to create a login (UNIQUE) and then ability to “Place” a client list and a Inventory List that syncs based on that login identifier

• Can I just delete my items with no quantities

• I want to have 2 inventories with two different companies

• What's selling fast?



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